Cocina Lucero Website

Cocina Lucero   523 Yonge St  Toronto     416 923 4545

Like many restaurants, Cocina Lucero had an out-dated website with an old menu, old photos, and old promotions. Their previous web provider built their website for free but then charged heavily for updates and were often slow to respond.

They knew they needed to update the website and budgeted for it but they also knew they wanted to continue adding new items to their menu so they kept putting it off.

This is a common problem for a lot of restaurants, they want to wait until everything is set before they change their website to minimize costs but the nature of the industry is that menus and promotions often change so they never update their website.

SustainableMrk helps by not only teaching businesses how to update their website themselves but we help create strategies around how to test and launch new items and promotions and how to optimize online presence to achieve the best results.

By showing businesses how to use search optimization, web analytics and social media, we help businesses make smarter decisions that they can implement themselves to maximize efficiency and minimize ongoing costs.

If you would like more information about how SustainableMrk can help your business, please contact us at or by phone at (647) 895-4881.