SustainableMrk is a targeted marketing agency focused on teaching businesses how to manage their marketing internally.

Alice Tu
Founded in 2012 by Alice Tu, SustainableMrk provides sustainable, lasting, self-managed marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

After over 15 years in digital marketing across 3 continents, Alice noticed that traditional marketing was not always keeping up with changes in consumer behaviour. Consumers were becoming more aware, educated, skeptical and their attention spans were getting shorter. And with many major cities around the world becoming more and more diverse, it was becoming harder to find that perfect, one-size fits all message. Traditional mass marketing, with it’s long turnaround times and bloated cost structure was having difficulty adapting to today’s agile marketing needs.

At the same time, new technology was making it easier to deliver communications faster and more effectively, including a lot of options for one-to-one messaging, analytics, and automation. There were clear advantages to using these tools to quickly market customized messaging to a targeted audience.

Having worked with numerous national loyalty programs like Aeroplan, Club Sobeys, Indigo Rewards, where individuals were given highly targeted, one person, one offer type messaging, Alice saw the benefits of highly targeted messages for all businesses. While one-to-one messaging may not be possible for all businesses, targeted messaging was definitely proving more effective for businesses big and small. A generic, one-size fits all message blasted to everyone no longer made sense in today’s diverse, market savvy, & skeptical market.

Targeted, agile marketing that responds to consumers demands and trends, shorter campaigns, lower costs, and more genuine content.

Having entrepreneur parents, Alice wanted to work with emerging businesses. New concepts, new ideas, and working with businesses to market something different was extremely appealing to this daughter of innovative parents. And building the case studies to develop the industry of marketing beyond mass marketing was also a big motivator.

With years of experience providing marketing strategy and project management, and with so many former colleagues working freelance, either part-time or full-time, she saw an opportunity to take advantage of quality graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and developers at more cost effective rates by offering more coordinated, easier to manage projects. With so many of the best developers and graphic designers already employed, she saw that giving them flexible, easy to manage projects, that they were able to take on without having to give up their day-to-day employment was a great way to utilize professional services much more efficiently.

SustainableMrk looks to be a new model for marketing, with faster turnaround times, more efficient solutions and cost-effective pricing for businesses of all sizes.

For more information about SustainableMrk and how we can help your business please contact Alice at alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com.