FAQ – What’s the difference between your services and a graphic designer?

SustainableMrk is a marketing strategy company, first and foremost.

We provide practical marketing solutions for businesses including setting up branding elements, websites, social media, email, and more.

We start by understanding your market, determining your niche, targeting your audience, and understanding your return on investment before offering marketing solutions.

We can assist with graphic design as well as source and/or coordinate with external graphic designers and act as a project manager if needed.

However, while a graphic designer may focus on the visualization of a concept or concepts, we focus on determining the business objective, resource allocation, marketing message, and return on investment.

Depending on a client’s budget we can assist with graphic design or outsource the work, but we first help clients determine what is necessary, manage expectations, and source out talent.

Since graphic design is very subjective, we find business owners are often frustrated working with designers and vice versa.

Communicating a design concept can often be difficult for a business owner unfamiliar with the design world and the work involved in designing graphic elements can be very costly if direction is not provided clearly. We bridge that gap and help minimize design costs and frustrations.

Our first goal is always to look at possible other solutions or creating a better scope of work. Sometimes just a logo, or even just a font is enough to get a website up and going, in fact Facebook launched with just a font and no traditional logo. The perfect logo can be impactful, but finding that logo can often detract from working on your business.

The best businesses know how to prioritize and allocate resources efficiently and we can provide that guidance. When needed we can assist with design or find the appropriate resources, but we also help businesses determine when these resources are needed.

If you would like more information about our services please contact Alice at alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com.

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