Additional Projects

At SustainableMrk we’ve found there’s no better way to understand online solutions and the needs of our clients than to test these services ourselves with new projects and over time we’ve accumulated a lot of new projects…

Toronto Common

Launched in December 2013, Toronto Common is a micro-events site that partners with businesses to create small, fun, social, micro-events to help promote local businesses. With a simple online ticketing solution and multiple social media integrations, Toronto Common creates an easy way to setup events for all occasions and is a great way for people to find new things to do in the city.

As funny as it may sound, Toronto Common really started with a routine template review. In order to provide the best recommendations to our clients we routinely test new templates. We started working with the Eventbrite WordPress template and in order to setup a proper test, we came up with this idea to fill the content.

Having spent many years as an expat, with so many friends in busy professions, and being rather busy herself, SustainableMrk founder, Alice Tu thought there must be an easier way to make plans than the constant back and forth texts currently needed to plan a simple dinner. Even with so many restaurant review sites and blogs, they never really resolve the eventual problem of now I need to find people to go, arrange a date and time, make a reservation, and hopefully no one tries to change them because then I need to coordinate all over again. She found most of her friends where happy to text “let’s get together” or “we should try this” but no one really had the time to make the plans, so why not setup a website that does it for everyone. And working with so many businesses, she saw how terrible the group buying model was for businesses trying to grow their business but offering unsustainable offers and attracting the wrong audience and thought why not create a win-win model for businesses and consumers. Toronto Common is a one-stop shop for finding new places to try, making plans, and even making new friends in the city!

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Currently in development, Qinnect is a mobile application that allows businesses to manage their mobile communications with consumers without having to build their own app. After years of working with self-serve solutions and finding none that really worked for mobile marketing, we decided to build our own. The details of Qinnect are not yet public but will be releasing shortly.

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Foodphoria is SustainableMrk founder, Alice Tu’s food alter ego. Alice uses foodphoria to post recipes, share photos and engage with fellow foodies. With a simple one post to instagram model that also populates facebook, twitter, and tumblr, Alice wanted an easy way to share recipes with friends, family, and others without the work of managing a food blog. “I didn’t want a food blog, I just wanted to be able to access my recipes easily even when traveling, and be able to share with friends and family when asked and hopefully inspire them to cook more. If people shared with their friends & family, even better!” – Alice

Alice’s pizza recipe is now made in 8 countries, including coast to coast in Canada and the United States. Her recipes range in cuisines, complexity, and level of detail.

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FoodphoriaMrk was the original SustainableMrk. Alice initially started with digital marketing strategy for the food industry, having spent her youth helping her parents with their restaurant, but with multiple referrals and requests from other businesses, we rebranded to SustainableMrk but didn’t want to loose the food focused message that started it all.

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One of our first sites, WormcompostingTO is a worm composting blog managed by SustainableMrk founder, Alice Tu. Always looking to reduce her impact on the environment, Alice started worm composting in elementary school and has been composting ever since. Worm composting is an easy way to reduce waste but most composting blogs made worm composting sound like a carefully planned science experiment. Being busy and sometimes lazy, Alice found worm composting to be easier than taking out the garbage and thought if only people knew how simple and useful worm composting was, maybe more people would do it. Still a great resource for worm composting info and one of our sites we use to test out new templates and demo templates to clients, it’s a great site to visit if you’re looking to compost or just want to see a how WordPress templates work.

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taipeitu started as a way to separate Alice from her other siblings, with a brother in LA, a sister in Texas, another in Kingston, and Alice was living in Taipei at the time.

It’s now become the user name for her personal accounts, mostly focused around her travels but also her day to day life which has consisted of a lot less travel since she started down the path of entrepreneurship.

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