FAQ – What’s the difference between your services and a web developer?

SustainableMrk is a marketing strategy company, first and foremost.

We provide practical marketing solutions for businesses including setting up websites, social media, email, and more.

We start by understanding your market, determining your niche, targeting your audience, and understanding your return on investment before offering marketing solutions.

While a web developer may focus on building a website and ask you to provide the marketing message, images and copy, we focus on determining what marketing initiatives will provide the best return on investment.

Our working sessions include marketing strategy, copy direction, and content creation. Depending on a client’s budget we can assist with everything from creating all copy to guidance or strategies to create and test content with easy to update web solutions.

We often look to template solutions, easy to update solutions, and search optimized solutions over custom coded websites so we can focus more resources on creating the right content and user experience.

Our goal is to provide a solution that is cost-effective and sustainable for your marketing objectives.

If you would like more information about social media services like Yelp and other services please contact Alice at alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com.

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