Insight to Action

Insight to Action was an interesting project because they had already hired a web development team in New York, and we were brought on mid-project to address challenges with content and strategy. They also already had a graphic designer working on their logo so we functioned like a project manager overseeing the different components to make sure they all fit together nicely.

In marketing people often say “content is king” but after almost a year of design work the agency was still using filler copy (lorem ipsum) as copy and had asked the client to find their own images which had created a delay because the client was not sure where to begin.

It is common for agencies to ask clients to provide their own images and copy, in fact all our starting services ask that copy and images be provided as well. In most cases it is more effective and a lot more cost effective. The client knows their business best and should be actively involved in their marketing message and branding. However, when guidance is needed some agencies are poorly equipped to provide such assistance. Mostly because most agencies do not charge for business discovery. In theory that sounds great but in practice it usually results in little to no business discovery, especially for smaller or niche businesses.

With Insight to Action, we went through a thorough business discovery to understand all the different segments of their business, the challenges and strengths of each one, industry news and practices, and reviewed competitors websites. While we do bill for these services, it was essential to creating the proper branding and messaging. Using that discovery as the foundation, we recommended going with a more personal feel, adding images and testimonials as well as industry findings.

We wrote the copy for all the pages and provided layout suggestions on how best to communicate that message. This included adding the gallery of images on the home page, adding a twitter feed so the client could easily post industry news and updates, complete layout direction for all the internal pages, and adding the logos of certifications and partners to build trust and confidence in the brand.

The website launched in January 2012 and we received a lovely thank you message from our client “Thanks for all of your efforts, Alice.  I couldn’t have done it without you.” as well as a referral for another project.

Insight to ActionIf you would like more information on these services please contact Alice at (647) 895-4881 or by email on our contact page.