SustainableMrk – Website


For our website we really wanted to highlight what was possible with WordPress templates, and how to use them effectively. We wanted our customers to see transparently that even with the most basic WordPress service you can customize and create a professional, well-branded website with less time, energy, and coordination than a custom site. We left the WordPress branding on our site purposefully but it can be easily removed for as little as $30 USD a year if managed by WordPress or you could go through other services if needed. Our team can recommend the best setup for your business.

Aside from show casing WordPress templates, our goals were to:

  • Provide a central point for information –
  • Explain what services we offer – Services
  • Provide an easy point of contact – Contact Page
  • Share industry information and our philosophies – Blog
  • Highlight our existing work – Portfolio
  • Finish the site as quickly as possible – In total the layout took 2 hrs to set-up
  • Easily add and update content – Not only does WordPress have an easy to use online interface but they also offer iphone and ipad apps to help manage your content and web traffic.
  • Integrate other forms of communication easily – our twitter feed and automatic tweet for new posts are managed through WordPress, as well as our email sign-up and we can easily create custom forms as needed using the custom form option in WordPress.
If these are elements that you’re looking for in your website please contact us to see what our team can do for you.