WormCompostingTO – Website

At SustainableMrk we don’t just love sustainable marketing, we are also passionate about sustainable living. So when one of our team members wanted to start a site to help people get more information about worm composting we thought what a fun project.

We gave ourselves a few challenges to keep things interesting:

  • We wanted the site to be updated entirely on an iPhone or iPad so we could update it easily on the go.
  • We wanted to use a new template we’ve never used before to try out some new features.
  • We wanted it to be mobile and tablet friendly for viewers.
  • We wanted something that people could easily follow or subscribe to.
  • We wanted a site that encouraged people to post and build a community
  • We wanted to build it in two days.

The first thing we did was create a twitter account that posted directly to the site to allow for easy, short updates. We also stuck to short blog posts and content pieces that displayed in categories to make blogging more manageable. And we used category blog rolls to create most of our pages rather than have one long blog roll.

We took all the images with either the iPhone or iPad and edited the photos using their applications. We used camera+ to crop the photos, instagram to add effects, pic collage to merge images and labelbox to add labels to the images. Only the header required photoshop to create one long header with multiple instagram photos.

We used Vertigo as our new template, a funky template we like a lot, especially the bottom footer with 2 sections for widgets. Some things we compromised on were the gap between the header and body text, the navigation bar at the bottom instead of the top or both, the images that appeared for & and / which we worked around by typing out and or or, and the interesting indentation of paragraphs. But none of these were enough of an issue to give up our 2 day timeline to work out custom design and coding. Overall we’re pretty happy with the site, it’s easy to use, looks fun, and it has a mobile and tablet option. We added the twitter and email notification section to allow users to follow. And we finished it in one day. We continue to post only on the iPad or iPhone and learned some great shortcuts.

For more information on this and other sites contact us.