FAQ – What’s the process for setting up a website?

For most businesses we recommend planning for at least 2 On-Site Working Sessions.

The first working session sets up the basic site structure using any existing branding elements like logos, photos, copy, business info:

  1. Creating an account and setting a free domain (yourbusiness.wordpress.com)
  2. Setting the name, tagline, location & timezone
  3. Creating an few pages (home, about, contact, etc.)
  4. Creating a few categories for posts (latest updates, press, promotions, etc.)
  5. Setting the main navigation menu
  6. Select a template
  7. Adding a contact form
  8. Creating a sidebar and/or footer

After the first session, we recommend taking some time to decide what else is needed. Share the site with friends, family, customers, get feedback, click around and decide what else is essential. Most clients are already comfortable making changes themselves, editing copy, taking photos, and playing around with different looks by this point and we encourage them to play around.

The second session is a clean up session:

  1. Change, edit, build any missing pages
  2. Create a few posts and introduce search optimization & tagging.
  3. Create any new images & photos
  4. Add any social media integration
  5. Register site domain and additional features*

*You will be able to view the basic site for free and decide if you would like to register for the WordPress.com service. Once you decide to go ahead with WordPress we will walk you through the additional paid options including setting up your custom domain. While no client has ever opted to use WordPress.com, even if you choose not to use WordPress.com, the first session is a great hands-on, introductory course to websites and helps businesses determine what they need. We take the time to show you how websites work, what creates a great user experience, and what are current best practices & trends.

Most clients have a functional basic website by 2 working sessions, however many opt for an additional session to include updating social media like facebook & twitter or setting up email.The website automatically posts to social media within 2 sessions but editing the look of facebook pages & twitter pages are usually additional sessions.

If you would like more information about websites and our services please contact Alice at alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com.

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