Iam Yoga Video Campaign

The iam yoga core flow video was a Sustainablemrk initiative.

The yoga studio wanted to improve it’s digital presence, particularly in social media, but looked to us for direction. We identified that much of the studios appeal was its instructors, its unique classes (in particular core flow), and the overall cleanliness and ambience of the studio.

We wanted to showcase all of these attributes in an easily digestible format to new and lapsed customers and entice them back into the studio.

With the popularity of YouTube and digital cameras with HD video recording, videos have become a great way for all business to showcase their brand. We directed, shot, and produced the video in just under a week. We wanted a casual video that highlighted all the studios strengths in a professional and tasteful manner. Our focus was on useful content that would make the viewer want to watch the video and learn more. And we wanted to keep the video short to keep the users attention.

The video was distributed through the studio e-newsletter, facebook, and twitter as well as through local Lululemon Cumberland’s social media as one of their team members was in the video. The video increased Core Flow attendance and overall studio attendance. It was so successful that the studio commissioned another 6 videos highlighting different classes in the studio.

It is still used in regular studio promotions and continues to attract students to this popular class.

For more information on our video and other services please contact Alice at (647) 895-4881.