Getting Started

Unsure of what you need?

SustainableMrk offers an initial consultation that focuses on understanding your business before providing a digital strategy overview to determine areas of focus and industry practices before starting. Digital is infinitely flexible and therefore what works for one industry may not work for another. An initial business and market analysis will help ensure marketing resources are targeted for best return on investment.

Consultation includes:

    • 1-hr guided discussion to understand the business, requirements, existing resources, & objectives.
    • 1-hr online research of market, competitors, and other considerations specific to that industry.
    • 1 page written summary with digital strategy outline and recommended execution options.

Consultations are $200 and includes $100 credit towards any execution option with our team within one month of completing the consultation.

For more information please contact Alice at alice.tu[at]sustainablemrk[dot]com or by phone at +1 (647) 895-4881.

Onsite Working Session

Whether you want to build a new website, update an existing one, learn about social media or learn to manage your digital content more effectively from your smartphone, an Onsite Working Session is the most efficient way to get things done.

Armed with a digital SLR camera, iPad, iPhone, and laptop with design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, our consultant will work with you to build, update, change, and/or train you on the latest tools.

Learn while we work or continue about your business while we work and just check-in occasionally to provide input.

Our team will setup at your location*, take photos (natural light photos only), work with layouts and templates, answer questions, discuss changes, and teach you what you need to know without all the back and forth of lengthy emails.

The Onsite Working Session is designed to save time and money by allowing you to make edits as you see them without having to write them down in an email. It also allows us to provide explanations as needed depending on level of understanding. And it builds transparency into hourly billing, 2 hours of work equals 2 hours of work.

Sessions are a minimum 2 hours at $300*
Up to 3 additional consecutive hours can be added at $100 each hour, please allocate time for a 15 minute unpaid break at the end of each 2 hours.

*Additional transportation costs may be added for locations difficult to reach by transit.
** An additional $20 per hour for locations without wifi.
*** Prices do not include HST which will be added at time of invoicing.

Multiple session bundles are available for larger projects.

For more information please contact Alice at alice.tu[at]sustainablemrk[dot]com or by phone at +1 (647) 895-4881.

Web Strategy & Setup

  • Digital marketing strategy consultation
  • Domain selection & registration (
  • 3 Sample Template Setups
  • Content placement*
  • Quick Response Code generation to promote new site
  • 1 hr training on editing & updating site and features
  • 2 hrs custom design, coding, photography or copy writing

* Logos, copy, & photos to be provided by business

Great option for small or starting businesses that want a website that can grow with their business. Easy to edit and maintain with only one login for everything from domain management to viewing statistics. It integrates easily with most browsers including mobile and tablet devices and has multiple input options including smartphone, tablet, email, and sms which means you can update your website from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Additional features like Facebook boxes, Twitter feeds, and email options can be added easily.

Sites start at $1200 CDN for web setup, plus $109 USD paid directly to annually for hosting, custom design, and privacy.

* Prices do not include HST which will be calculated at time of invoicing.

For more information please contact Alice at alice.tu[at]sustainablemrk[dot]com or by phone at +1 (647) 895-4881.

Additional Services: